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For today we are going to talk about a magazine called “HI-FRUCTOSE”. Together with my friend Eva we bought the newest issue of volume 54 last week. In case you are curious to know what HI-FRUCTOSE is all about and you are thinking to buy a total new magazine than hear me out.

(HI-FRUCTOSE, The New Contemporary Art Magazine Vol. 54, 2020)

If you are someone who is genuinely open to read all sorts of subjects or you have an interest in art, especially in terms of crazy abstract ones. I think you going to love to see and read this one for sure! The magazine is based off from all sorts of contents from trends in media which includes film, fashion and design. They showcase artists to give them a chance to shine and present themselves into the spotlight and bring the people new talents. You can buy them at the local stores such as WHSmith’s, Waterstones and other high street locations spread throughout the UK. In the beginning, you will find several pages that show upcoming exhibitions and recent releases of books and bestsellers. Always good to know if you like to visit a new exhibition near town or travel to one. It surely brings out inspiration to me and it is so wonderful to see how these people put their emotions on canvas and what their logical thinking behind it is. HI-FRUCTOSE is similar to Varoom! but goes more into depth when it comes to abstract art.

While I was looking through the book I found an artist that could support me with my background work for semester two or at least help me give that little bit of inspiration.

He goes by the name “Eyvind Earle”. The man creates oil paintings of landscapes. Through his teenage years, his father ordered him to go travel to see several places in the world and paint or read a book every day. Thanks to the hard work Earle earned when he was just only fourteen years old an exhibition in France. After leaving his father and returning back to his mother in Los Angeles. Depression and Polio awaited him. (Tudor, S. 2020, pp 46)

“Earle says that the facial paralysis he suffered due to polio made him keep to himself and his art, always reaching for greater skills and deeper understanding”

Tudor, S. (2020) ‘Uncanny Valley Eyvind Earle’, Varoom, Volume 54, pp. 56

In 1951 he ended up working for Disney as an assistant background painter. He was responsible for the style and colours for the background. I found out he worked on “The Sleeping Beauty” and made most of the background art in the movie!

A year after the sleeping beauty was released he left Disney behind to follow another job in 1958. He continued creating animation art for a few years till 1966 and decided to pick up painting full-time. I found online a beautiful saying from Earle where he wrote down the following thing (EYVIND EARLE’S BIOGRAPHY, N.D.)

“I’ve painted paintings, and I’m constantly and everlastingly overwhelmed at the stupendous infinity of Nature. Wherever I turn and look, there I see creation. Art is creating…Art is the search for truth.”

EYVIND EARLE’S BIOGRAPHY (N.D.) Available at: (Accessed at: 02/06/2020)

(HI-FRUCTOSE, pp. 52)

(HI-FRUCTOSE, pp. 51)
(HI-FRUCTOSE, pp. 53)

Admirable to say the least on how he sees his creation of work. I like how some illustration somehow look realistic in the paintings. I picked two pages from the magazine I found amazing (HI-FRUCTOSE, pg. 51 – 53). I can’t believe that the images have been made with oil paint. The amount of detail he puts into his work is insane. Everything looks so smooth. You don’t see it nowadays people create detailed paintwork like these. I never knew of his existence before but I am glad I now do thanks to HI-FRUCTOSE. I love the compositions he creates, there very pleasing to look at and another thing I adore is how he presents them with colour and linework. The set up looks magical and fantasy. Most people would describe his work as elegant and fairy tale like. Earl managed to connect the Disney characters with their surroundings by following the flaws. I can tell he nailed that part but I can imagine that must have taken ages.

Once I am done finishing my degree, I would like to dive more into his work. I was curious to know what other people thought of Earle’s work were and I found a website of a man named Scott Fischer. (Fischer, S. (2018) He talks about an art book called “Open Season” where the backgrounds were inspired by Eyvind work! He tells on how well they have celebrated his work and how they try to manage to break down his artstyle with the use of digital techniques. Fischer, S (2018) said the next thing what was interesting to me:

“And inside they even show how they tried to break down his style in a digital landscape. That alone made me think about things differently. How you can use graphic shapes, in usually ‘narrative-painting’ ways.”

Fischer, S. (2018) ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: EYVIND EARLE. Available at: (Accessed at: 02/06/2020)

The last sentence of his saying got me thinking. What if I were try to study the style by beginning experimenting digital in order to succeed? It is easier to adjust mistakes and you can fool around in the program. I think by looking at other artists who are inspired by Earles work can help me with my studies more in order to understand the background art.

Thank you for reading this blogpost! I hope you liked the review about… HI-FRUCTOSE!

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